Stay-Tuff’s new Horse-Tuff™ fence range provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional horse fencing and provides a number of key benefits.

Your horses are very valuable animals. We can show you how this fence outperforms traditional no-climb horse fences. Call us to discuss your horse fencing requirements.


Fence SpecWhere to UseReason
1661-3 Stalls, holding pens, runways 3" spacing is durable, holds its shape, resists pawing
1661-6 Pasture & perimeter fence, low pressure areas 6" spacing is economical, tall, resists downward pressure
1775-3 Handling areas, stalls, holding pens, crowded areas durable, tall, resists high pressure with 3" spacing
1775-6 Pastures, exterior, cross-fences durable, height discourages necking down
1348-3 Stalls, holding pens, runways short but strong 3" spacing

Durant Location

4710 W Hwy 70
Durant, OK 74701

Calera Location

8087 Hwy 69/75
Calera, OK 74730