Fence SpecWhere to UseReason
842-3 Pasture & exteriors, raceways, birthing areas, Kid pens, holding pens, high pressure areas 3" spacing for complete predator control - predators can't get through
842-12 Pasture, interior, and cross fencing economical 12" spacing
949-12 Pasture, interior and cross fence for larger goats, low pressure areas economical 12" spacing for bigger goats
1348-3 Pasture, exteriors, raceways, birthing areas, kid pens, holding pens 3" spacing for complete predator control
1348-12 Pastures, exterior fences economical 12" spacing with predator control

Stay-Tuff's Goat-Tuff™ takes the fencing headaches out of raising goats.

Our fences are ideally suited to goat ranching because they will stand up to the constant pressure put on the fence by your animals.


Durant Location

4710 W Hwy 70
Durant, OK 74701

Calera Location

8087 Hwy 69/75
Calera, OK 74730